Saturday, 06 March, 2021

How to structure your Argumentative essay

How to structure your Argumentative essay

The structure of an argumentative essay is very important. Unlike a persuasive argument, an argumentative essay must follow a certain structure in order to remain coherent. To correctly argue its way through a topic, the essay must follow what is similar to a narrative; A must move to B must move to C. The essay must have a certain structural logic to it if the writer is going to correctly argue the case. The essay must be written in a way that allows previous points to be built on, but also for them to be retained by the reader.

The correct argumentative essay format should include arguments that follow each other in succession, and that make logical sense. Each argument may not be able to build on previous arguments, but it should be able to create a flow that correctly describes an argument and debates it within the text.

Your essay must have an introduction

It needs a lead-in, which may include quotation(s), or an anecdote that you pull from your reading or experience. It can include myths or a reference to a text such as an essay. Or you can use statistics or a short background to your issue.

Next you should include your thesis and essay body

The thesis is your position on the topic and the body includes a number of things. It can include definitions and background Information. It can include where a practice started, or how long a practice has existed. Try not to go overboard on this section, but give enough so that your reader may have a clear understanding of the topic at hand.

Here you may place implicit values – values that need to be explicit so that they can be defended. You need an acknowledgment of various perspective(s) that differ from your own position, including a succinct summary of those opposing your position. Make sure you include good quotes.

You then create your recommendations and conclusions

You must restate your argument in the light of any material you covered in the essay. Show people how all the evidence has lead towards your conclusion, and then recommended a course of argued action. You should create a lead-out such as looking to the future. You could try to return to the subject of your lead-in and how you now look towards a new perspective. You should give an excellent final quote and give any reasons for any of your thoughts on the topic.