If you could collab with any artist of your choice, who would it be?

paul buchanan of the blue nile (if anyone can make this happen hmu)

If you weren't making music, what would you doing? (A job inside the industry and one out of it)

i want nothing to do with music outside of the creation and performance of it. i would probably either want to working in film or criminal justice as i watch too much terrible investigation discovery shows on netflix in my spare time

such a huge fan!! what software do you use for composing your music?

thank you. i use ableton live, and to a lesser extent max/msp

favorite mics? favorite plugins?

the only two mice i use are the AKG c414 and an SM57. they’re all you really need. 

What're some artist that influence you & or which artist are on rotation that you're listening to currently?

seal, annie lennox, david sylvian, lone, matmos, dawn of midi, the haxan cloak, pharmakon, forest swords, hundred waters, alex g… 

how old are you? c:


how did you fall in with the orchid tapes family?

warren (the label head, aka foxes in fiction) and i have been online friends since i started the mister lies project, but we never actually met each other until fall 2012 at CMJ in new york right when he had moved there from toronto. at this point i was on the road touring mowgli and i had been listening to his “swung from the branches” record a lot traveling in between shows. we immediately hit it off and since then, he’s been one of maybe 4 or 5 people who i consistently share work-in-progress tracks with and vice-versa. he was one of only a few people who consistently gave me on-point feedback and then in the same 5 minutes sent something for me to check out. because of this, we have a really special relationship with each other’s records. when i was in the (difficult) process of shopping this new record to labels, warren and i often talked about putting the record out with orchid but i was never really sure if it fit in with the roster. it was after the success of the ricky eat acid record and the alex g album that followed that we decided “yeah, this is actually something we should do”. now, i’m at a place where i wouldn’t have it any other way. not only are warren and brian excellent curators but they are also insanely gifted artists in their own right, which brings their commitment to the label to an all-time high. another reason i’m working with them is that they don’t really care about the cocaine or who’s sniffing it, all of the emphasis is on the music.spend time with the boring ecstasy comp and you’ll definitely sense that during the first repeat listens. they are a label that genuinely care about their artists and their products, which unfortunately you don’t see a lot of this year. i am ridiculously blessed to be working with them and anticipate starting the cycle…

Favorite artist of all time?

the blue nile is my favorite band always and forever


nick zanca
manhattan, ny



nick zanca

manhattan, ny


stream two new songs, ‘flood you’ and ‘medusa’, on my soundcloud now:


or pay what you want for them on my bandcamp:


in other news: my next LP is called Shadow and will be released in October via Orchid Tapes. neither of said tracks will be on it but they still exist in the same realm. more info on that soon.

love and light